Historical Bognor Prom 10k results can be searched using the form below.

Bognor Prom 10k Results from 1999 up to and including 2019 can be searched for.

  • Races from 2007 onward introduced chip timing, in which case two timings are provided, the "Gun" time and the "Chip" time.

  • For races prior to 2007 the Gun and Chip time are recorded as the same.

The search is an AND based search, this means that as you add more fields the results must meet ALL of the criteria. 


Results frequently asked questions

How do I use the search form?

To undertake a search you begin by completing one of the first fields:

  • Name
  • Club/Team Name
  • Runner Number
In most cases you are likely to be searching only one of these fields. As you start to type in the Name or Club/Team Name field a list of potential values will appear. You then select a year or mutiple years. If you do not select a specific year then all results based on a name or club or number will be returned for ALL years.

How do I reset/clear the form?

To reset the form and clear any previous values use the Reset button on the form.