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The Tone Zone Runners were formed in January 1997 when a small group of Tone Zone gym instructors (from the Arun Leisure Centre) and gym users started training together.

Their aim initially was to improve their fitness and complete the 1997 Bognor Prom 10K race. From these modest origins the club has grown to the point where it has over 200 members and regularly has 40–50 runners meeting to train together on club nights.

Through the kind assistance & sponsorship of the Arun Leisure Centre and Freedom Leisure, the club is affiliated to S.E.A.A. (our governing body under UK Athletics) and as such can provide the following benefits to its members:

1. Bespoke training programmes to help members achieve their full potential.

2. Liability insurance cover whilst running with the club's coaches.

3. Savings on entrance fees to races.

4. Free use of Arun Leisure Centre changing and locker facilities at club training times.

5. Official club vest.

6. Entry into a ballot for London Marathon entries.

7. Discounted Arun Lesiue Centre membership.

The Bognor Regis Tone Zone Runners are a friendly group of like-minded runners looking for enjoyment in the great outdoors. With runners of all abilities, the 200 member strong running club in Felpham, Bognor Regis, offers people the opportunity to meet friends, improve their running, achieve their first marathon and generally have a good laugh while taking part in enjoyable exercise. All you need is a pair of trainers - age and fitness is no limit. What's stopping you!


With a fully trained coaching team, runners can choose what speed, what distance and what they hope to achieve in their running. 

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